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Order via online ordering or e-mail [email protected].

Prices vary for fondant, gum paste, or modeling chocolate decorations, please call or e-mail for a quote.

Wedding & Tiered Cakes: 
Prices vary by technical difficulty; get a quote.
Advance notice required.

Serving sizes are estimates, it depends on how you cut the cake. Suggested sizes:

Party Serving = 1 1/2" x 2" x 4"
Wedding Serving = 1" x 2" x 4"

Loaf Cakes:
Big Mini 5"x3" - $6 Serves 4 - 6
12.5" x 5" $25 - Serves 16 - 18
9" x 5" $20 - Serves ​12 - 16
6" x 3" $10 - Serves 6 - 8

Bundt Cakes:
Mini $5 - serves 1 - 2 
6" $20 - Serves 3 - 4
10" $30 - Serves 12 - 16

Buttercream Decorated Cakes Starting Prices:

*Round Cake "Double" Layer:
6" $30 - Serves 10 - 12
8" $35 - Serves 20 - 24
9" $45 - Serves 24 - 32
12" $65 - Serves 36 - 56
Add $7.50 per additional layer or marbled flavors

Surprise "Heart" Filled Cake:
8.5" $50 - Serves 8 - 10

Poke Cake "Single" Layer:
9" x 13" $27.50 - Serves 12 - 16 

*Square Cake "Double" Layer:
10" $50 - Serves 30

Add $7.50 per additional layer or marbled flavors

*Heart Cake "Double" Layer:
8" $40 - Serves 18
10" $50 - Serves 24
12" $70 - Serves 34

Add $10 per additional layer or marbled flavors

*Cross Cake "Single" Layer:
14" x 11" $40 - Serves 12 - 16

Add $10 per additional layer or marbled flavors

*Sheet Cake "Single" Layer:
1/4 Sheet $35 - Serves 20
1/3 Sheet $45 - Serves 30
Half Sheet $60 - Serves 40 

Add $10 per additional layer or marbled flavors

*Cup Cakes:
(6) $10
(12) $20
(24) $35

Add $5 for marbled flavors

Cookies & Cookie Pops

Raye's Signature Cookies:
​1/2 Dozen - $10 w/ icing - $15
1 Dozen - $15 w/ icing - $20
2 Dozen - $25 w/ icing - $30

Cookie Pops:
1/2 Dozen - $15
1 Dozen - $25​
2 Dozen - $40

Cookie Bouquets

Cookie Bouquets:
Mini (3 cookies)  - $15 & Up 
1/2 Dozen - $30 & Up
1 Dozen - $45 & U
Call or e-mail for custom bouquet quote.
Butter Cream (reg. or whipped) 
Whipped Cream 
Cream Cheese (reg. or whipped)
Milk or White Chocolate Ganache

Loaf Glaze & Toppings:
Butter Sauce (comes in small container)
Cream Cheese
Dried Fruit

Cheesecake Flavors:
Lemon Raspberry Swirl
Lemon Strawberry Swirl
Caramel Apple
Banana Pudding 
Candy Bar
Key Lime
Italian Cream
Coconut Lime
Toasted Coconut
Pecan Pie/Praline
New York Style
Vanilla Bean
Citrus New York Style
German Chocolate
Coconut Delight
Pineapple Punch
Brownie Caramel
Almond/Praline Almond
Peanut Butter

*Cake Fillings:
Fresh Strawberries or Raspberries
Strawberry or Raspberry Filling
Cherry Filling
Chocolate Almond Mousse
Mocha Mousse
Lemon/Lime/Orange Mousse 
Strawberry or Raspberry Mousse
Pineapple Toasted Coconut Mousse
Amaretto Mousse
Peanut Butter Mousse
Milk or White Chocolate Ganache
Caramel Cheesecake
Oreo Cream
Italian Cream
Coconut Cream
Coconut Pecan
Banana Cream
Cookies & Cream
Cinnamon Sugar Cream
Orange/Lemon/Lime Cream 
​Cream Cheese

*Cake Filling:​​​
​Prices may vary, depending on products ordered.

~Ask about our diabetic friendly desserts
 & other flavors of any product if you do not see your favorite.​

Raye's Creative Confections Plus - Online Ordering
We take pride in our wide selection of quality baked products. All products are custom made to order and baked fresh daily, with love. In addition to Raye's sweet treats, we also bake reduced sugar & sugar free products. Our variety is so wide, it is impossible to list everything we make. If you want a product or flavor that is not listed, please ask; we'll make just about anything for you.
Raye's Signature Cake Flavors:
Cherry Amaretto
German Chocolate "Award Winning"
Buttered Pecan
Red Velvet
Key Lime
Strawberry Lemonade
Cherry Lime
Raspberry Lemon
Orange Pineapple
Caramel Apple
Banana or Banana Split
Cherry Vanilla Cream Cheese
Vanilla Bean
Black Forest
Pina Colada 
Caribbean Coconut Lime 
Bacardi Rum 
Tennessee Whiskey 
Peanut Butter

Raye's Signature Loaf Flavors:
Banana Nut Bread
Carrot Pound Cake
Orange Cranberry Nut Pound Cake
Lemon Cheese Pound Cake
Orange Cheese Pound Cake
Lime Cheese Pound Cake
Vanilla Cheese Pound Cake
Banana Nut Cheese Pound Cake
Butter Pound Cake
Italian Pound Cake
Amaretto Almond Pound Cake
Snickerdoodle Pound Cake
Coconut Pound Cake
Buttermilk Pound Cake
Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake
Chocolate Peppermint Pound Cake
Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake
Apple Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake
Strawberry Swirl Pound Cake
Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake
Lemon Coconut Pound Cake
Caramel Apple Pound Cake
Eggnog Pound Cake (seasonal)

Sweet Pie Flavors:
Peach/Peach Praline
Sweet Potato
Hawaiian Delight
Coconut Cream
Banana Split
Lemon Meringue
Mississippi Mud
Boston Cream

Raye's Signature Cookies:
Pecan Pie
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Almond
Sugar w/Pecans or Walnuts
Grandma's Tea Cakes
Butter Pecan
Butter Pecan Shortbread
Caramel Pecan
Chocolate Caramel Pecan
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Orange Cranberry Nut
Cherry Vanilla
​Oatmeal Raisin
**Peppermint Chocolate Chip
**Chocolate Mint
**Pumpkin Spice

**Seasonal Flavors

Cheesecakes & Cheesecake Pies

Mini $8 Serves 1 -2 
6" $30 - Serves 4 - 6
9" $40 - Serves 12
10" $50 - Serves 16

Cheesecake Pie: **New BIGGER Minis 4.5"**
Mini 4.5" $5 - Serves 1 - 2  
9" $30 - Serves 8
10" $35 - Serves 10 
13"x9" $45 - Serves 16

Cheesecake Cupcakes
(6) $10 - Serves 6
(12) $20 - Serves 12
(24) $35 - Serves 24

Cobblers & Pies

"Double" Lattice Crust Cobbler:
13" x 9" $45 - Serves 10 - 12

"Single" Lattice Crust Cobbler:
13" x 9" $35 - Serves 6 - 8

Sweet Pie:
Mini $5 - Serves 1 - 2
9" $20 ​- Serves 8


Slices & Singles

Pound Cake, Pie, Cheesecake Pie, Cake, Cookie Pops, Cobbler & Cheesecake by the Slice, Cheesecake Cupcake & Cupcake:
Pound Cake Loaf - $2.50
Pie & Cheesecake Pie - $3.50
Cake - $3.50
Cobbler - $3.50
Cheesecake - $4
Cheesecake Cupcake - $2.50
Cupcake - $2

Slice flavors vary daily; based on online orders & requests. Slices are larger than the suggested serving size.

Prices subject to change without notice.
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High quality products & 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Important Consumer Information:

Allergy Warning:
Raye's products may contain peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, soy & gluten products. Please advise if you or any of your guests have food allergies, prior to ordering.

Satisfaction Guarantee:
Every product you purchase from Raye's Creative Confections Plus must live up to your satisfaction. If at any time a product fails to satisfy you, call or e-mail us within 24 hours; return it to us, with your receipt, within 48 hours and we will either replace the item and/or issue you store credit. No replacements or store credit will be given after 48 hours from the carry out or delivery time.

Custom Order Policy:
Because each product is hand-crafted, the product you receive may be similarly decorated, but may not be exactly the same as seen on our website. No refunds and/or exchanges will be given because the product is not exactly like the one you have seen. 

Custom buttercream decorated orders must be placed at least 72 hours in advance and require full payment when ordered. Orders placed 71 - 36 hours prior to an event may be accepted, with $10 added to the order total.

Custom products are those we do not make daily, such as personalized products (special decorations), items or flavors not listed on the website, etc... 

Wedding & Tiered Cakes:
At least 6 week advanced notice required.

For artwork orders to be guaranteed, we require orders to be placed at least 30 business days in advance. Add $7 per serving for fondant covered cakes, artwork charges may apply. Prices vary for fondant, gum paste, modeling chocolate accents, royal icing accents, and cake kits depending on difficulty. Basic cake prices displayed are starting prices, they will vary with custom requests.
Serving Sizes:
Cake servings are estimates based on 2" wide slices; actual servings depend on how each cake is cut. Suggested serving sizes; party serving 1 1/2" x 2" x 4" slice and wedding serving 1" x 2" x 4" slice, we are not responsible if you do not cut the cake in the suggested serving sizes.

Cancellation Policy:
Changes and cancellations to retail & individual orders are accepted up to three weeks prior to the scheduled pick up or delivery date. No refunds will be provided for orders that are cancelled with less than 21 days notice. 

A non-refundable deposit equaling 50% of your order total is due when placing an order; the remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the order due date. In the event the balance is not paid prior to the deposit due date, the order will be cancelled and no monies will be refunded.

Payments are managed via Cash App and Paypal. We can e-mail you an electronic invoice or mail a paper invoice. If you do not have a Paypal account, you will have the opportunity to choose other payment options; we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover debit & credit cards. Some orders may require a money order or cashier's check as payment. We also accept electronic and paper checks; your check must clear prior to delivery or pick-up.

We deliver to many neighborhoods throughout the OKC Metro; delivery charge is $2.10 per mile, within an 8 mile radius from the Oklahoma State Capitol with a minimum $15 delivery fee. Add an additional $3.50 per mile outside the delivery boundary; West of I-35, South of 122nd St, East of I-44 & North of I-40. We offer FREE delivery on orders totaling $50 or more. We reserve the right to choose not to deliver to certain locations within or out of our delivery boundary. 

We are now shipping some products. Daily cutoff time for next day shipments is 12 PM CST. 


​Please take pictures if possible and keep the box, packaging, and damaged item(s) for insurance purposes and contact us via e-mail ASAP after delivery within 10 hours; failing to do so will interfere with receiving a refund or replacement. The postal service will NOT file a claim without being able to inspect the items mentioned above.

Raye's Bakery ships to physical addresses within the lower 48 states, no P.O boxes, APO or FPO addresses. Raye's Bakery does not deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or Mexico at this time. We do not ship same day.

Raye's Bakery cannot guarantee delivery if provided an incorrect address. Raye's Bakery cannot guarantee delivery due to shipping delays resulting from inclement weather, natural disasters, or acts of God. Corrections to any shipping address after order is submitted will result in transit delays.

Due to the perishable nature of our products, we recommend someone be present at date of delivery to receive the package. Please note the delivery date as outlined in our checkout process and be aware of any specific delivery policies at your shipping destination. If shipping to college campuses, please include student's name, address, and box number.

Due to variations in temperatures across the country, Raye's Bakery reserves the right to alter shipping policies that would normally extend transit over the weekend in order to ensure premium quality.

Please contact us for more details.​ 

Private Events:
For meetings and other events we provide coffee, cake pops, cupcakes, sweet pies, or any other treats you would like to serve. We require at least 10 days notice.

Want Raye's Sweet or Sugar Free Treats at your next school, church, or other non-profit organization's fundraiser? Contact us for more details or to schedule a consultation; e-mail [email protected], call 1(888)451-3332.

Referral Program:
Refer family and/or friends and receive discounts off your future purchases. Eligibility requirements; you must have made a previous purchase, the person you refer must mention you referred them on the online order form, and he or she must make a purchase. Coupon codes will be issued to referrers within 5 days of the new customer's cleared payment.
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